Ek Sardar doosre sardar se

Ek Sardar doosre sardar se:

Yaar bata motorcycle ke kitne tyre hote hai?

2nd sardar: 2 hote hai.

1st sardar: Nahi do nahi 6 hote hai

2nd sardar: Woh kaise?

1st sardar: Iss tarah 4 Motor ke aur 2 cycle ke.

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Teacher Translate into english

“Translate into english..
In Barishon Se Dosti Achi Nahi FaraZ..
Kachcha Tera Makan Hai Kuch To Khayal Kar!”
‘Friendship With These Rains Is Not Good FaraZ..
How Cheap Is Your Home, Behave Yourself!…

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Sardarji opens his lunch box

Sardarji opens his lunch box
in the middle of the road….why ?

Just to confirm whether he is going
to or coming back from the office

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Guddi I am in love with the neighbor

Guddi: I am in love with the neighbor so I am running away with him.
Santa: Thanks, you have saved my money & time.
Guddi: Dad, I am reading the letter left by Mom!

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Shaadi mein Khana Khula

Shaadi mein Khana Khula:

santa Ko Plate Nahi Mili.

santa Apni Jholi Main Khana Daalne Laga.

Logon ne Poocha Ye Kya?

santa: Daagh To Chala Jaye Ga.

Ye Waqt Phir Nahi Aaye Ga.

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Santa Madam this panty

Santa: Madam this panty & this bra will look nice on U.
Lady: How can U be so sure?
Santa: I’have done diploma in interior designing.

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Banta Do u know why women

Banta: Do u know why women starts with `W`?
Santa: Bcoz all questions start with `W`.

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